BTS give sweet shout out to Army in HOME performance on Jimmy Fallon – did you spot it?

Probably one of the best tracks on their EP Map Of The Soul: Persona, the group brought it to life inside a swanky house complete with a revolving bedroom. RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook, Suga and Jin were decked out in pyjamas and comfy loungewear for the performance – no man bun from Jungkook this time, but he did have an incredible swishy blue dressing gown. In one cool scene they gathered in the posh kitchen as V threw flour in the air, and J-Hope and Suga delivering their verses on the staircase was also a highlight. Special mention also has to go to the Hopeworld rapper’s patterned shirt – only he could pull that off! They also made sure their fanbase, called ARMY, were included in the performance with a shout out right at the start.

Member Jimin appears first and goes to the fridge to get a drink. After grabbing a bottle of water he closes the fridge door on us, revealing two cans on the shelf with the word ‘Army’ and their symbol on the front. The Fake Love singers really looked like they enjoyed themselves throughout, and right at the end they collapsed on the sofa surrounded by confetti – and they didn’t even have to clear up afterwards! Seriously HOME deserves its own official video – we need that.

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